Are you brave in the face of happiness? Do you trust each other? In the face of love, you are on the run. Is it distance, is it space or love itself? We are always so sentimental, even if that person does not love us, in the face of yesterday's promise, always thought that once so in love he will come back. But we all forget that the memory of that person will always only belong to the memory, do not remember that person, because that person is not the same with you. We are always so sentimental, even if the people in front of us do not love us, always please to care about him, humble into the dust, and then bloom. It's not until the end that I admit that I can't get the answer to that love. We always ignore the people in front of us. We always think that the next station is better. We always think that there will be a new plot tomorrow and someone will love us more. So we can be happy. We always fall in love with someone, and then we think that one day he will fall in love with us, but we become beggars in love, begging for others' love. Our self indulgence has made our youth suffer too many grievances. Finally, youth left lonely, we can not reach, to that time already can not grasp the tail of youth. We always think that we are very important in his heart, until one day we are told that it doesn't matter at all. If self indulgence is a problem, I think we have no remedy, but we can't give up those we think.